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The inventor: Takayuki Ohira

Mr. Takayuki Ohira

Takayuki Ohira was born in Kawasaki (Japan) in 1970 and created his first home planetarium while at primary school. In 1991, as a university student, he developed a type of star projector considered unfeasible till that moment, the Astroliner. In 1998 he developed a portable planetarium projector with 1.7 million stars, weighing only 30 kg.
In 2003, his Megastar - II, presented to the public during the final ceremony of the Shibuya Tokyu Bunka Kaikan exhibition, reached the number of 4.1 million projected stars. In April 2004, the Megastar - II Model no. 1 was displayed to the public at the Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum for Youth. Nell'aprile 2004, il Megastar - II Modello n. 1 viene esposto al pubblico al Museo municipale della scienza per ragazzi di Kawasaki.
At the same time, the Cosmos Model no. 3, projecting up to 5 million stars, is permanently displayed at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. In December 2004, the Megastar II Cosmos is acknowledged the world's most advanced planetarium projector, thus entering the Guinness Book of Records.
At the Expo 2005, the Aichi Model no. 4 Titan is first presented in the Sasashima Satellite Area De La Fantasia.

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