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The Project's philosophy

Star TheatreThis apparatus projects an image of the stars as they really are and gives you the pleasure of observing the night sky in your own home.
It has been developed with the collaboration of Takayki Ohira, who has created projectors for the world's most advanced planetariums, including Megastar II and Cosmos, which can project 5 million stars and which has earned it a place in the Guinness Book of Records.
Nowadays, the excessive use of neon lights and street lights in urban areas makes stars practically invisible. So-called "light pollution" makes it increasingly diffi cult to fi nd places to observe the stars.

STAR THEATRE was conceived to enable everyone to marvel at the great beauty of the night sky, in their own homes.
The heavenly bodies are not exactly the same ones you can see in a real planetarium, but we are sure that our projector will encourage you to visit other planetariums and fi nd out more about the wonders of the sky.

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