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Sky map

These maps show the stars visible to the naked eye at intermediate latitudes of the Northern hemisphere therefore in an area of Central-Southern Europe.
The round map represents the stars and constellations located around the North celestial pole, that can be considered circumpolar at the Northern intermediate latitudes. The other map shows the stars and the constellations that can be seen during the year.

The map of the stars close to the South celestial pole is not included, as these stars are never visible at Northern intermediate latitudes. Stars are traditionally grouped into constellations, which are areas of the sky which have been accurately defined by the International Astronomical Union. The main stars are defined using letters of the Greek alphabet, but many of them are known by their traditional names.
For example a Aquilae is called Altair, a Cygni is called Deneb..
The position of the stars on the celestial sphere is defined by using two coordinates, similar to longitude and latitude: they are right ascension, measured in hours and declination, measured in degrees.
The map also includes other objects such as nebulae, star clusters and galaxies, as well as the Milky Way.
The line whose declination is equivalent to 0 is the celestial equator. The undulated line is the ecliptic: this indicates the position of the Sun between the stars during the year. The planets and the Moon follow paths in the sky close to the ecliptic. Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn can be clearly seen by the naked eye. Venus can be seen in the evening, after sunset or in the morning before dawn.
The map also shows some of the lines that join the most important stars of the constellations, which have no special astronomical meaning but they make it easier to recognise the various constellations, as they were indicated for centuries in the star atlases.


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