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StarBathConceived for the bathroom (it's waterproof), this latest product of the Star Theatre series will do well also in the children's room.
Small battery operated planetarium with adjustable focus, designed by the Japanese expert Takayuki Ohira.

It projects on the ceiling the night sky with the Milky Way and thousands of stars: an emotional experience in the moment of maximum relax.

Innovative system developed in Japan by Takayuki Ohira, who has created projectors for the world's most advanced planetariums, including Megastar II and Cosmos, which can project 5 million stars and which has earned it a place in the Guinness Book of Records.
StarBath - zoom
StarBath - zoom

StarBath - Details
» Color: white
» Dimension: 8,5 x 11,8 x 8,7 cm.
» Weight: 400 g.
» Light: white LED
» Number of stars: 10.000
» Projection distance: 150 - 230 cm.
» Projection range: a circle approximately 100 cm. in diameter
» Material: ABS
» Power: AAA x 4
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